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This page details how to get TinyOS installed and running on your system. It is organized into two main sections: Officially Supported Methods, User Contributed Methods. The current instructions are for installing TinyOS version 2.1 and the previous release, TinyOS version 2.0.2. At the bottom of the page are some links to additional information addressing some common problems encountered during the installation procedure as well as information on how to get additional platforms up and running.


What to Read First

Installing TinyOS 2.1

TinyOS has numerous improvements to TinyOS 2.0.2. Its features include:

  • Support for the Iris and Shimmer platforms,
  • Safe TinyOS, a compile-time option that lets you incorporate run-time memory safety checks into your application,
  • TOSThreads, a threading library that runs on top of a standard TinyOS kernel,
  • Numerous protocols, including the Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol (FTSP), the DIssemination Protocol (DIP), and an optional 15.4 MAC layer.

More information can be found in the release notes.

Officially Supported Methods

User Contributed Methods

Other Methods

Next Step

Once installed, find out how to finish setting up and doing your first build in the tutorial Getting Started with TinyOS.

You might also want to install editors like NESCDT or Yeti.

Installing TinyOS 2.0.2

Officially Supported Methods

Updating external tools to support the IRIS mote

Additional Information

Installing the latest TinyOS