Running a Jetos Virtual Machine Image in VMware Player

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Jetos is a VM image build using the JeOS, a special Ubuntu Hardy Heron distribution.

The MSP430 and AVR tools are installed from the Stanford Debian repository.

There are 2 accounts:

  • tinyos: uses the git repository
  • tinyos-2.1: the release_tinyos_2_1_0_0 CVS tag

For each account the tinyos tools are installed in the ~/local and the tinyos-2.x is in ~/local/src.

The password for all the accounts (including root) is the same as the name of the account.

The image is optimized for ssh access so it doesn't have any window manager but the X libraries are installed so graphical stuff works fine using X11 forwarding. For Windows one solution that works well is putty + xming.

The latest image (27-Aug-2008) can be found here:

For how to run a VM image in VMware Player please consult Running a XubunTOS Virtual Machine Image in VMware Player.

Acknowledgements: the idea (and also the name) of Jetos was first mentioned Jetos.