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Yeti is a NesC editor implemented as plugin for Eclipse. The list of features provided by Yeti includes: syntax highlighting, real-time code validation, code completion, various search tools and other things. It also includes an experimental debugger intended to work with avr-dbg and avarice, but capable of supporting other GDBs as well. Yeti is built to work with TinyOS 2.x and has only limited support for TinyOS 1.x.



Yeti uses the notion of projects: a project is a set of files and configurations necessary to build a TinyOS application. Internally Yeti builds a model of such a project. This model is then used to detect errors or collect other meta information. Because of this model Yeti can detect most errors that would be detected by the TinyOS tool-chain itself.

When editing a file Yeti handles the file as if it would contain the main-component of the application. This can lead to some confusion (e.g. wrong error messages) as includes may not be resolved correctly.

Using Yeti 2

Installation and guides for the first steps are available on the projects webpage [1].

Yeti requires Eclipse [2] and an installation of TinyOS, it runs on Linux and on Windows.


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Support and dicussions are handled in the forum [3]. As backup solution send a mail to "tos-ide(at)".