Use TinyOS in a virtual machine

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In Windows it may be the easiest and most painless way to work with TinyOS via a virtual machine. This also applies to Linux (when you are afraid to screw your system or have other reasons not to install TinyOS directly). Yet another reason is that you can move and copy the virtual machine around, unlike a direct install. The downside of this method is the rather sluggish performance in most cases.

There are three distinct steps involved:

  1. Installing software to run a virtual machine . Virtual Box (available for both Windows and Linux) is a common choice, since its easy and free. VMWare is also a possibility.
  2. Install a OS that supports automatic TinyOS installation. The most tested choice is Ubuntu, but Debian or Mint should also be possible.
  3. Install TinyOS. With the two steps above done, you can just follow the easy way, which was the whole point of setting up a VM.