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The UCMote Mini is a mote designed and developed by Unicomp Ltd. It has a small, compact form factor, ultra low power consumption (in deep sleep < 2µA), good communication range (up to 400 m in LOS) and is packed with interesting, highly applicable sensors.


  • Uses the Atmega128RFA1 microcontroller with internal 2.4 GHz radio
  • Sensirion SHT21 14-bit temperature and 12-bit relative humidity sensor
  • Rohm BH1750FVI 16-bit ambient light sensor
  • Measurement Specialties MS5607 24-bit micro altimeter pressure sensor
  • Bosch BMA180 14-bit 3D accelerometer
  • Micron M25P16 16MBit serial flash
  • Hammond 1551F enclosure (50x35x15 mm)
  • Non-rechargable CR2450 (660 mAh) or rechargable LIR2450 (110 mAh) coin battery
  • Chip antenna, 4 user LEDs, 1 user button, micro USB connector for serial communication and charging

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