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hi, I have a problem installing tinyos1.x when i use the TOSCHECK command, the shell display: toscheck completed with errors:

--> WARNING: CLASSPATH environment variable doesn't exist. --> WARNING: The ncc found by toscheck is not version 1.1. Please update your nesc version to 1.1 tinyos. --> WARNING: The JAVA version found first by toscheck may not be version 1.4 which is required by TOS. Please ensure that the located Java version is 1.4 --> WARNING: Could not find the javax.comm classes. Please ensure the java Comm API is installed correctly. --> WARNING: The graphviz (dot) version found by toscheck is not 1.10. Please update your graphviz version if you'd like to use the nescdoc documentation generator. --> WARNING: The avr-as version found by toscheck is not Please update your avr-as version by updating your avr-binutils package.--> WARNING: The avr-gdb version found by toscheck is not cvs-pre6.0-tinyos. Please update your avr-gdb version.

please can u help meee????? thank u???