Net2 4/29/2011

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Net2 Meeting Notes for 4/29/2011


* Blip / RPL / CoAP


* Om (Stanford)
* Mike (Microsoft Research Asia)
* Phil (Stanford)
* Markus (Bremen)

Action Items

* Markus will send information about code footprint for CoAP and update documentation on missing/supported features and CoAP version.

Discussion Notes

Markus - We have implemented CoAP. CS guys did C-implementation for CoAP. We did some TinyOS adaptation based on Blip.

Om - what types of tests have you run?

Markus - There is an example implementation of libcoap which has been tested in several ietf meetings. We have tested against that implementation.

Om - How about on motes?

Markus - We have tested on the standard blip setup with 2 motes.

Om - Lets test CoAP on a network of a few more motes before releasing.

Markus - libcoap uses GPL. We can use any license we want for the TinyOS adaptation.

Phil - If libcoap can be released under BSD, that will be ideal. If the library is under LGPL, we can binary link to it, but cannot include the source in the TinyOS distribution.

Markus - I will get in touch with Olaf about that.

Markus - We have tested CoAP on Blip 1.0.

Om - How much effort to test it on Blip 2.0.

Markus - Once we get blip 2.0 running, it should not be a problem.

Om - What is the code footprint?

Markus - will check and send an email

Om - The CoAP documentation looks good. Please list missing features and supported version on the doc.

Om - I will give you svn access to upload the code.

Markus - Ok, I will commit to a branch.

Om - You should commit to the main trunk.

Phil - Yeah, we want to minimize branching. Branching is good when we are actively changing some component that is heavily used. In this case, CoAP is new so uploading to the main branch is not a problem.

Om - Before we release the code, we will have a few other people try to run CoAP strictly following the README.

Om - Tentative timeline for code release around the middle of June.

Om - One main concern for all these protocols is the code footprint. Last time I tried to run the code, I was really squeezed for code space.

Mike - On TelosB?

Om - Yes

Phil - Where should we put the code - lib/coap or lib/net/coap?

Om - To make it easy to attribute the code to a group, lib/net/coap will be better. We will follow the same model as with blip for host code.

Om - Any core release announcement coming up in the next month and a half?

Phil - No.

Om - In that case, we will do a net2 release.

Om - I will setup a better time for teleconference.