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Net2 Meeting Notes for 1/7/2011




* Doug, JHU
* Om, Stanford

Action Items

* Generalize to accommodate Ieee154Send (Doug)

Discussion Notes

Doug: Using AM ID 0x76 now.

Om: The AM ID is the next one in the sequence, close to other collection protocols. TEP 135 already allocates this AM ID for SRP.

Doug: Generalizing SRP to use different type of addresses not straightforward. A different address type used by different sub sender will make it necessary to change the code because different sub senders will behave differently. Parameterizing by address type does not help because eventually we have to call functions on different sub senders.

Om: Rather than generalizing like that, how about we make sure SRP can work with AMSend and Ieee154Send. That would be a reasonable generalization to aim for.

Doug: Sounds good.