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Net2 Meeting Notes for 11/19/2010


* Steve Dawson-Haggerty, UCB
* Om, Stanford
* Phil Levis, Stanford

Steve: blip about ready for an update -- routing table factored out, rpl sits on top, ppp stack integration, dhcpv6 client.

Phil + Om: OF0 is problematic: this isn't what the spec is supposed to do; issues with interop, greediness, max rank increase. Min hop routing isn't a good idea. Om to give detailed feedback to ROLL list.

Phil: A-MAC: core's opinion is having multiple low power link layers is fine as long as they're supported. It is acceptable for for links to be chip specific, but not platform specific.

Om: Should we change the name to RPL for publicity?

Phil: We'll check back with Peter to see if he'll check in the ppp stack somewhere…