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Net2 Meeting Notes from 10/22/2010


* Protocol testing


* Mike, JHU
* Om, Stanford

Action Items

* Find out sampling interval and number of samples (Mike and Om)
* Collect noise traces (Mike)

Discussion Notes

Om: TEP140 mentions topologies, scenarios, and parameters. Right now, link qualities are mentioned in the parameters. I think they should be under topologies.

Om: Lets focus on topologies this week and the next few weeks.

Om: The experiments should be able to simulate quiet channel (channel 26 experiments), medium, and heavy interference.

Mike: There are already some noise traces. We can try to use those.

Om: We can also collect new noise traces.

Mike: It is easy to do with the Rssi sampling program. I can collect heavy trace at my lab. And the light trace at home.

Om: For low interference test, lets collect the trace on channel 26.

Mike: Sounds good.