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Net2 Meeting Notes for 9/24/2010


* Source routing


* Phil, Stanford
* Doug, JHU
* Mike, JHU
* JeongGil, JHU
* Om, Stanford

Action Items

* Think more about the getpayload interface

Discussion Notes

Doug: Checked in srp initial code.

Doug: We need to allocate am id for srp.

Om: 0x76

Om: How do we send packets?

Doug: With current interface, specify the address and address length when sending

Doug: Currently am adddress fixed.

Phil: Suggest making that generic so that we can use other types of addresses. This will become important with 6lowpan/rpl.

Phil: Sender/receiver/intercept should provide srcroutepkt - access to header fields

Phil: Maybe set is also ok

Doug: Number of entries fixed. The consequence is fixed space in the header right now. Is this a concern?

Phil: How to set the payload when I don't know the route. Getpayload with size n, need to know the size of the route. the scenario - get the payload, and fill in the route later.

Om: Summary - Should we add this paramter to the getpayload?

Phil: Lets think about this more.