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Meeting Notes for 8/13/2010


* RPL / 6lowpan


* Steve, Berkeley
* Mike, JHU
* Doug, JHU
* John, JHU
* Om, Stanford
* Phil, Stanford

Discussion Notes


In the past 18 months, IETF has been working on the question of what would be internet protocol for sensor network. The protocol is called RPL (Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks). The RPL document recently went to ISG, which means that RPL is in a relatively stable state. Therefore, this seems to be a good time to push RPL to TinyOS.

While the current RPL implementation for TinyOS isn't in the final state, it has been worked on for couple months and seems to be stable. John (from JHU) and Steve (from Berkeley) will be push the code to TinyOS repository soon.