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Meeting Notes for 7/9/2010


* Source Routing
* Protocol Testing


* Thanh, PSU
* Mike, JHU
* Doug, JHU
* Om, Stanford

Action Items

* Om: check in a draft of TEP for protocol testing

Discussion Notes

Source Routing

Om: Summary is we sent out two TEPs to -devel yesterday.

Thanh: I will look at them and send comments.

Om: We are not in a hurry to start coding so we will wait until we get some comments.

Protocol Testing

Thanh: The status is we identified a few scenarios and a few topologies. The goal is to come up with some benchmarks.

Thanh: Should we provide guidance for testing on testbeds?

Om: There aren't many public testbeds. But it makes sense to extract topology from a few of them and provide those topologies for simulations.

Om: Sounds like we are ready to start writing a TEP about this.

Mike: Now that source routing is stable, I can start looking at this as well.

Om: I will check in a draft TEP, then Thanh and Mike can make their passes.