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Meeting Notes


* Source routing framework
* Protocol testing suite


* Mike, JHU
* Om, USC

Source Routing Framework

net2 have had feedbacks on the source routing interfaces from one community member, Eric Decker. And, we plan to invite Eric to future meetings. Eric would like to first learn more about how source routing is being used in the WSN community.

In the mean time, a draft TEP on the source routing packet format will be committed and discussed in the next meeting.

Protocol Testing Suite

net2 will resume the work on protocol testing suite. Here is the summary of the current status:

* Thanh focuses on dissemination metrics (scenarios, number of updates, keys, etc. and test programs). Mike and Om focus on collection metrics (scenarios, number of pkts etc. and test programs). Kaisen focuses on test topologies for TOSSIM.
* Thanh has been working on a draft TEP.