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Meeting Notes


* Source routing framework


* Doug, JHU
* Mike, JHU
* Om, USC

Source Routing Framework

Om: TEP 138 (Source routing) distributed to tinyos-devel mailing list.

Om: Several people have asked for practical usage scenarios, particularly scalability and stale link information.

Mike: Several deployed JHU systems have used source routing in some form or another.

Mike and Doug: We'll respond to the feedback on tinyos-devel with description of our experiences and references.


Mike: current status is waiting on community feedback

Om: yes, it should be fairly quick to write the code, so we're happy to get a little more feedback.

Om: Another student, Maria, will be able to contribute development effort. She recently implemented a project that involved source routing.

Doug: I'll be around this summer to contribute development effort.

Mike: I'll also be around.