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Meeting Notes


* Potential net2 protocols
* Review of 2009 goals
* Low-Power Listening


* Om, USC
* Mike, JHU
* Razvan, JHU

Discussion Notes

Potential net2 protocols

There are couple protocols presented at Sensys 09:

The Bursty-Traffic-Over-Bursty-Links paper talks about using short-term stable periods of bursty traffic to improve performance. This is different from beta-factor because this paper doesn't pause (or wait) when the link is bad. This paper is potentially useful, and CTP might benefit from it. Om talked to the authors and is waiting to hear back.

RACNet (more precisely, WRAP) targets high data rate applications with dense topology. Some people might be interested in using WRAP in their applications, or for comparison purpose. Mike will think about if he has the time to support it.

We will discuss the ADB paper next week when we have a better understanding of the protocol.

We will follow up on some protocols brought up to discussion during the year. An example is the hierarchical routing.

Review of goals for 2009

Tymo is currently in contrib. There are some problems with the protocol that prevent it from being pushed to the main tree. Romain does not have enough time to work on it, but he will be answering e-mails on TinyOS-help mailing list.

IPv6 is now part of TOS 2.1.1.

We still have not come up with a scenario for collection simulation. It is still kind of difficult to evaluate different collection protocols. For example, generating topology for 100 nodes.

We still need to work on CTP test suite and debugging scripts. An example is how to parse the debugging messages. We also still need to work on TEP 136 (IP on TinyOS).

Low-Power Listening

At this point, there shouldn't be any code changes required in net2 protocols to support LPL. However, we should ask protocol maintainers to test their protocols with LPL.