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Meeting Notes


* Tinyos 2.1.1 release status


* Phil, Stanford
* Stephen, Berkeley
* Om, USC
* Mike, JHU
* Razvan, JHU

Discussion Notes

Om: Is the tutorial for BLIP ready?

Stephen: It's up on the wiki.

Om: We should add a limitation section that indicates what platforms are supported. Same for other protocols.

Stephen: Good idea.

Om: Where are the documents for BLIP? Should they go in docs?

Stephen: There is only just a README. The contend is also on the wiki now.

Phil: The doc is for printable stuff.

Om: Test application for BLIP?

Stephen: They are already committed.

Om: Ok, I'll test it then.

Stephen: I also tested on Iris and it works.

Om: Razvan, there was a message about support for mica2 for Deluge?

Razvan: I made prepared a tree with version that should work. I haven't get back any feedback.


Stephen: Some of the annotation for deputy might be incomplete right now.

Phil: We'll test and fix.

Om: Will the zigbee be part of the release?

Phil: I think is not. But this release cycle is good for getting some cleaning done.