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Meeting Notes


* Tinyos 2.1.1 release status


* Om, USC
* Phil, Stanford
* Thanh, PDX
* Stephen, Berkeley
* Mike, JHU

Discussion Notes

BLS: Om: Not going to be ready for this release cycle. Work is still in progress, and should take the next few weeks.

- BLIP - Om: Blip and DHV will be included in the release.

Stephen: Blip does not work under Windows Cygwin now.

Om: Users could use VM image as an alternative for now.

Phil: VM image shouldn't be the solution. We should make sure Blip works under Cygwin.

Stephen: I checked in the modified CC2420 code that provides IEEE15.4 messaging interface. The plan over the weekend is to extend the support to RF230 stack. One problem that came up during testing was MicaZ

Phil: Miklos checked in a SPI bus fix that broke CC2420, so he reverted the changes.

Stephen: Will try again.

Stephen: The only things not checked in now are the platform files. I will do this after the meeting. CC2420 platforms include telosa, telosb, epic, and micaz.

Phil: You should also contact Steve Ayer before committing anything for Shimmer.

Om: So, what platforms have you been testing on?

Stephen: Telosb and epic.

Om: Do you have a document that tells us what and how to test?

Stephen: There are READMEs under tos/lib/net/blip/doc/.

Om: We should also work on the Blip tutorial over the next few weeks.

- DHV -

Thanh: I updated the tutorial and the user guide to include how to choose the protocol.

Om: Kaisen will test it on Mirage.

- CTP -

Om: I will get in touch of Alberto Cerpa and few other people that have been improving CTP.

Phil: Did we do a clean up in the link estimator and the routing layer?

Om: I have been doing incremental clean up, and I can do another clean up. I can check out prior version and see if there is any code size change.