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Net2 Meeting Notes from 01/09/2009


* TEP 123
* IPSN Tutorial


* Mike, JHU
* Razvan, JHU
* Phil, Stanford
* Om,  USC

Discussion Notes

TEP 123

Om: We are working on finalizing TEP 123. We had some discussion about P and C bits on the data frame.

Phil: The original logic was we would make the control bits the same across data and routing frame but it is not a particularly good reason to keep them there.

Om: Lets say, for P bit, other nodes MAY respond. For C bit, lets only specify the setting of the bit by the transmitter.

Om: Will edit the TEP and send emails.

IPSN Tutorial

Om: Proposal deadline for tutorial at IPSN coming up in two weeks. Are we interested?

Phil: If Om is willing to be the lead, I am happy to contribute. Lets get in touch with David and John to see if they are interested.

Razvan: I would be happy to help.

Om: Will send an email with a proposal to everyone concerned to start the discussion.


Razvan: I implemented a "Defaul LPL" mode and create a TestNetworkLpl that uses it. Right now I'm using the printf library to collect the performance stats but I'm working on a logging that will use active messages.

Om: I'm happy to do short tests of 1-2h.

Razvan: I also have almost ready the LPP as an alternative for LPL. The configuration parameters are the same so a user can switch from one mode to another using a define.

Phil: How a about the low level interface we talked last time in core?

Razvan: That interface is still there. I'm using it only for LPP and is internal for now. I need more time to see if it can be extented to LPL.