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Present: Phil, Om, Steve, Thanh Scribe: Steve

Om: Talk about CTP/refactoring bug. Phil left, so we digress.

Om: DHV seems pretty stable, put it in the release outline.

Thanh: Been tested on micaz, tmote. Multihop tests were 2wk ago on Motelab, no surprises. It was consistently better then DIP. It was not "smooth".

Om: Do you agree that DHV is *often* the right protocol to use?

Phil: [phil back] Seems better in terms of code size, but depends on the circumstances. It would be nice if someone else could try the experiments.

Om: we'll try to get someone else to test. How about the tutorial.

Thanh: Hasn't done the tutorial yet, working on wiki permissions (discussion about fixing this). Will do it this week.

Om: Steve. What about blip?

Steve: All of blip core is checked in, merged with cc2420 stack. Blocked on potential cc2420 micaz bug for checking in radio stack.

Phil: Miklos may have introduced a regression on that platform.

Steve: will commit as soon as that's verified.

Phil: On to CTP/refactoring bug. Something weird about ack bits being set/cleared, because acknowledgements stop working

Om: For now stick with what we have, since it's just a refactoring.

Phil: Yep.

Phil/Om: talk about CTP paper.