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Meeting Notes


* 4bitle averaging window bug
* 15.4 stack for BLIP


* Stephen, Berkeley
* Phil, Stanford
* Om, USC
* Razvan, JHU

Action Items

Discussion Notes

Phil: Stephen, when are you going to commit the code?

Stephen: I'll do it soon. I'll have to check one more time with David Moss for CC2420.

Om: Will it work with FTSP?

Stephen: It should.

Om: What will not work with the new 15.4 stack?

Phil: BLIP is L3. Drip and DIP could be implemented on top of BLIP. Right now they work in parallel using the AM.

Stephen: Network is part of the payload right now. So there is only one receive and send interface.

Om: Are you on schedule?

Stephen: I'm on time.

Om: Let's talk about the estimation bug. The bug happens when there are a lot of packet drops and the LE is not updated properly. I think there is a bug in the bugfix. Phil, did you have a chance to look?

Phil: No. I'll take a look. The LE is not my code though.

Om: We have a new application, Thanh Dang from Portland State University who wants to contribute DHV. I'll ask him to call next week.

Phil: I'll not be here.

[Some discussion about default-lpl and the new curve for TOSSIM...]