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Meeting Notes


* BLIP and BLS release schedule
* BLIP and AM stack placement


* Jorge, Berkeley
* Stephen, Berkeley
* Razvan, JHU
* Om, USC

Action Items

Discussion Notes

June 12, 2009

Om: Lets come up with a schedule for release of BLIP and BLS.

Steph: Blip wants to sit on top of an 802.15.4 msg, so the question is whether we should put blip on top of AM.

Razvan: Could you talk to other ipv6 devices?

Om: Ideally we want a radio stack that does not use AM.

S: Do we have to support AM and IP messages on the same mote?

Om: Probably not. What do you think?

S: I don't think so, but Phil does.

Om: We should go by the ideal solution first and then move forward from there.

O: What would be the point of running both?

S: I don't think it's a horrible idea [to have BLIP and AM sit next to each other] because ARP and IP run next to one another.

J: I think the ARP example is a good example of why it should sit on top of 802.15.4. directly. Does it even make sense to tunnel BLIP through AM?

S: I have a stack that tunnels blip through AM.

O: We should tell core that we want radio a stack that doesn't use AM. That seems like the ideal solution right?

S: You definitly have to use iframe if you also want to use blip. We should make that clear to core. Basically we need an interface where you can receive packets based on network id.

O: Stephen, it's really important to send that email where we make it clear to core we the ideal goals should be. Because they always want to know what would make it easier to support the protocols. Don't worry about the msg buffer in general. What about BLS? What's the release schedule for that?

J: End of August deadline, give myself a little more time to work out the bugs from the code in the port. The port itself is straight-forward, but testing might take a little bit more time.

O: Do you think the end of august is a reasonable schedule for blip as well Steph?

S: Yes, definitely.

O: Razvan, are we going to have imote2 support as well? Great, then, these are the two main issues. Some pending things, we would like to bring in DYMO. It works and people are using it and the developer is willing to support. It would be really cool to bring that in.

[conversation in general agreement with this statement...]

Good, so that's all I have, sorry I was late. Include the net2 schedule for what our goals are for 2.1.1.

Misc Notes