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Meeting Notes for 04/10/2009


* CTP code cleanup
* Standardizing startup/init for protocols
* Responding to changed AM address
* IPSN Tutorial


* Phil, Stanford
* Om, USC
* Razvan, JHU
* Mike, JHU

Discussion Notes

CTP code cleanup

Om: I think it is a good idea to clean up the code so that it is easier for people to build applications on top of it.

Phil: There are also places where the code can be smaller, such as the forwarding path.

Razvan: The trickle part is tightly integrated with the code, maybe there is a way to make it easier to understand.

Standardizing startup/init for protocols

Om: I think there are confusions over the semantics of start/stop/init commands. What abut boot? A related question is how an application can restart a protocol. These questions came up when we were working with FTSP.

Phil: Boot is mainly for applications, and it notifies them that the system has booted. We need to think more about the sematics.

Responding to changed AM address

Om: Do net2 protocols still work after the AM address is changed?

Phil: Dissemination will still work because it uses broadcast.

Om: There might be problems with CTP.

IPSN Tutorial

Phil: An idea for the hands-on session is to have the group send their names to a base station with CTP. I will bring 10 motes.

Razvan: We will provide VMWare player, VMWare image, and live CD.