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Meeting Notes for 02/27/2009


* IPSN Tutorial


* Phil, Stanford
* Razvan, JHU
* Kaisen, UCSD
* Steve, UCB
* Om, USC

Discussion Notes

Om: Lets discuss the plan for tutorial at IPSN 2009.

Phil: Suggest that we expand TinyOS/nesC.

Om: We need to shrink something. How about Safe TinyOS/Threads?

Phil: Should work.

Om: Steve, any comments on your part?

Steve: Will get in touch with ZigBee/15.4 and get material.

Phil: TOSSIM move towards the beginnig?

Om: My reason for putting it next to hands-on was because hands-on would benefit from having

covered TOSSIM just before hands-on.

Phil: Sure, but it makes more sense to talk about TOSSIM immediately after TinyOS.

Om: I think there are many equally logical ways to organize this but I am OK with moving

TOSSIM moving forward.

Om: Razvan, are you ok with that?

Razvan: OK.

Om: For hands-on, we should use this as an opportunity to develop collection simulation


Razvan: Simple examples, and doing one CTP simulation should be good.

Om: Phil and I have a lot of experience visualizing and analyzing the CTP results. Might be

able to use some of the scripts. Visualizing data forwarding paths will be cool.

Razvan: Sounds good.

Om: Kaisen - will ask for material on Dissemination/Drip/DIP.

Kaisen: OK.

Steve: Can you send standard template for powerpoint?

Om: Sure.

Om: Tentative schedule looks like this:

{{{ 08:33 - Introductions and structure of the tutorial - Om 08:35 - TinyOS - Phil 09:00 - nesC/toolchain - David 09:30 - TOSSIM - Razvan 09:45 - Safe TinyOS - John 10:00 - Threads - Kevin 10:15 - Break/discussions 10:20 - Protocols (CTP/Drip/FTSP/Deluge) - Om 10:40 - Upcoming technologies (ZigBee/15.4/IP) - Steve 10:50 - Hands-on - Razvan leads/Om helps 11:30 - End }}}