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Net2 Meeting Notes from 02/13/2009


* Logging
* IPSN Tutorial


* Kaisen, UCSD
* Om,  USC
* Mike, JHU
* Razvan, JHU

Discussion Notes


Om: It might can cause conflicts

Razvan: Having components for very popular calls like Leds doesn't make it more convenient, but it is good when you want to disable/enable the whole component.

Om: Printf is much more convenient than collection debug in terms of programmer API. Don't have to wire it up. People don't know about it, hasn't been used in many components

Mike: There is a tutorial for printf

Kaisen: I use snooping and radio messages to a basestation to debug.

Om: TOS_NODE_ID is an example of a global that is convenient rather than having to wire.

IPSN Tutorial

Om: We'll send some info about TinyOS 2.1. We do plan to have Deluge. Also have information about the other protocols in 30 min session. Further details on the mailing list