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Net2 Meeting Notes from 01/16/2009


* TEP 123
* ZigBee WG
* TinyOS Tutorial at IPSN
* IPv6 stack update


* Stephen, Berkeley
* Mike, JHU
* Razvan, JHU
* Phil, Stanford
* Om,  USC

Discussion Notes

TEP 123

Phil: At top, we should say that all fields in CTP are in network-byte order.

Om: I added one sentence about the P bit, which says it can be used to do quick bootstrapping of the route.

Phil: I think we should just mention when you would set it and how you would respond to it... people might use that bit for something else in the future.

Om: I will make changes and tag the TEP as final.

ZigBee WG

Om: We will hand over the ZigBee project to the new ZigBee WG. They would decide where to put the directory. They can continue using lib/net/zigbee if they want.

TinyOS Tutorial at IPSN

Phil: I will ping David Gay.

Stephen: I am thinking of doing a TinyOS IPv6 tutorial.

IPv6 Stack Update

Stephen: Nothing I have done is really CC2420-specific, but I haven't ported to RF230. What do people think about checking in the CC2420 support now, and then work on other radio later?

Om: I think it is ok.

Stephen: I also added an interesting TCP implementation so that you can run web server.


Phil: It would be great to have a presentation about net2 in ETTX. Any ideas who can do that?

Om: I can ping Kyle.