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Meeting Notes


* TEP 4
* TEP 135
* Release


* Om, USC
* Razvan, JHU
* Phil, Stanford

Action items

* item1
* item2

Discussion Notes


Om: Ben Greenstein will be the shepherd, but I asked him to hold off until after the release. Since everyone is busy with the release. I think it is good to wait after that.

Om: OK, as for 135, we need to toggle the status to FINAL after the release. That's about it for the TEPs.


Om: So let's talk about the applications we're testing. Phil, I sent you a mail.

Phil: Do you mean June 24? I see there's a question about MultihopOscilloscope. Is that it? Also, the TestNetwork script is not working.

Om: Right. There's also a problem with tests/tkn154.

Phil: Hm, right, I don't think I tagged it. You should just check it out normally and read it.

Om: OK, that's it for me.

Misc Notes