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Meeting Notes from 6/13/2008


* CTP with LPL
* Testing/getting ready for the release
* TEP 4 implementation


* Om, USC
* Razvan, JHU

Discussion Notes

CTP with LPL

Om: I was able to run CTP with LPL. I used interval of 500 ms, the longest experiment I done was about 5 minutes and I am getting about 92-95% delivery ratio. There was a lot of interference today so probably that's why it didn't get 99%.

Razvan: The motes were sending each 8 seconds?

Om: Yes. It's the standard TestNetwork application. The only thing I add is the LPL stuff.

Razvan: Do you know the actual duty-cycle that was achieved?

Om: I do not know. I sent an email to David to see if the has a program to do that. It not all I have to do is to add some counters to keep track how long is the radio on and off.

Razvan: I also didn't do that. :-)

Om: You don't really have to do it for Deluge. There is doesn't matter what is the duty-cycle. You just want the program to run correctly.

Razvan: True, but you remember that with LPL it takes a huge amount of time, like 30 minutes instead of 2 minutes. If the duty-cycle for the 30 minutes is very high then is a terrible choice to use LPL.

Om: I understand.


Testing/getting ready for the release

Om: A list of the protocols we have: CTP with 4 bit link estimator with and without LPL. Drip, you said you tested the correctness with LPL?

Razvan: Yes. It worked for a small experiment.

Om: We tested DIP, Deluge and I think that's it. Tymo and Zigbee and those things are not ready yet. It might be a good idea for you, I and maybe Kaisen to test all the protocols in a small network.

[... longer discussion about CC2420 hardware address recognition ...]

Razvan: One more question about Deluge. There is somebody asking for mica2 support. What do we do about that?

Om: For now we'll just not support mica2. We have some mica2 but it's not probably a good idea to work on this now.

Razvan: Ok. We'll delay till after release.

Python serial tools for Deluge

Om: Did you see the email about this on the list?

Razvan: I know about the message that said that PySerial is not indicated as a requirement. That is what you are referring?

Om: Yes.

Razvan: The tinyos tool are shipping with a certain version pyserial that is needed by tos-bsl. Our stuff doesn't require a special version: any reasonable new version should work. When the debs and rpms are were they should have pyserial as a requirement. This is what should happen. I don't know what else I should do.

Om: Where is the pyserial installed?

Razvan: It's contained inside the tools package.

Razvan: What about the place for

Om: Send an email on devel.