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Meeting Notes from 5/30/2008


* CTP with LPL
* Testing/getting ready for the release
* TEP 4 implementation


* Phil, Stanford
* Om, USC
* Andreas, JHU
* Razvan, JHU

Discussion Notes

CTP with LPL

Om: I was suppose to do it. I have a few thinks to talk about. Two things. One: CTP with LPL up to 4 nodes seems to work. I tried 250 and 500 ms intervals.

Phil: What was the packet rate per node?

Om: It was the TestNetwork application so it was 8 seconds. I'm planing to do it on the testbed now because it seems to work. The reason it took a while was, either is something wrong with my settings, something I change in the tree, when I did a cvs update on TestNetwork and I tried to run on two nodes I was not getting packets.

Phil: Why?

Om: So TestNetwork as it was on the CVS it was not working for me. I don't know if it is me or others as well.

Phil: What did you do to get it to work?

Om: I had to add CC2420_NO_ADDRESS_RECOGNITION flag. I'm not talking about LPL, it just the default settings of the TestNetwork application. Is it possible that something changed in the radio stack? The broadcast packets were not received because I was looking at the beacons and one of the nodes was reporting any neighbors but the size of the neighbor table was zero.

Phil: What? You turn the the flag on or off?

Om: I had to turn this flag on.

Phil: Weird.

Om: Maybe something crazy is happening with my system here. It would be good if somebody other than me would test the TestNetwork application. After I did that I was able to get my LPL experiments to work.

Phil: Have you tried MultihopOscilloscope?

Om: No, I didn't try that.

Testing/getting ready for the release

Om: I only tested the TestNetwork. Razvan did a bunch of tests. In term of replaceability of Drip with DIP, I think that's a great test. I think you also tested with LPL last week and this week. Right Razvan?

Razvan: No. I only tested Drip with LPL. DIP was with the normal Deluge. I didn't try to enable both.

Om: I think Kaisen will try on Mirage DIP with LPL. That's pretty exciting. Are there any other tests we need to do? CTP with LPL is on my plate. Any other tests?

Phil: I have a list of tests for the release but to be honest we shouldn't do this just yet because the core is not checked in and stable yet so it doesn't make much sense to test.

Om: Right.

Phil: We'll have a list when there is a code freeze.

Om: Ok. We can work on documentation.

TEP 4 implementation

Om: Razvan already sent an email about this. I will send and email to the devel list and say this is what we are going to do. I sent an email asking for comments last week but I didn't get any responses. In term of implementation, should I ask the authors to make the changes?

Phil: Just send and message to devel saying what you are going to do in 24-48 hours if somebody says otherwise.

Om: Ok, I'll do that.