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Meeting Notes from 5/23/2008


* Protocols with LPL
* Release related


* Razvan, JHU
* Andreas, JHU
* Phil, Stanford
* Om, USC

Action items

* CTP+LPL tests (Om)
* DIP+Deluge tests (Razvan)
* Update release notes (everyone)
* Collection tutorial (Phil)
* Collection testing scripts (Om)

Discussion Notes

Om: What LPL API should we use? localsleepinterval and rxinterval?

Phil: We had this discussion in core. On one hand we want to set it globally. On the other hand global thing is the default and want to change it if a protocol wants to do that. SendNotifier wires to a Singleton component, set the default in this component. Then the stack can get the parameter values from this component. Can customize it as well.

Om: Multihoposcilloscope will make a single call to this component during boot and that's it?

Phil: Yes.

Om: Code freeze next month so we should just plan to use this new API but don't need to wait for this API for testing.

Razvan: created LplAMSender and ran Deluge on top it and it seemed to work despite it being a bit slow.

Om: I did one round of testing CTP with LPL and it is not working - nodes are not finding the route. Need to trace it more.

Razvan: What is the backoff interval for drip?

Phil: 1s

Om: What should be the default sleep interval for LPL test apps?

Phil: I think 500ms.

Om: Can we test Deluge on top of DIP? That will be a good way to verify Drip/DIP interchangeability (ignoring performance)

Razvan: Haven't tried but will.

Om: Sent TEP 4 last week, lets change AM type next week.

Om: We should start listing new things for 2.1

Phil: There is release-notes.txt file in the root directory, we should add entries there.

Om: Things to do for 2.1 - testing scripts for me, collection simulation tutorial for Phil.

Razvan: What do we do with

Phil: How about a different name?

Om: Maybe the word serial be there in the name?

Razvan: packet? tos-serial? packetcomm?

Om: Break the files into two so that it is easier to name it?

Phil: sdk/python/

Razvan: It is more general ...

Razvan: Should be in tools or sdk?

Phil: sdk

Om: Could you have used the existing Python SDK?

Razvan: No because it does not support direct communication with serial interface

Om: Would you consider contributing this to the standard Python SDK in the future?

Razvan: Maybe in the future.