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Meeting notes 05/16/08


* LPL-enabling net2 protocols
* TEP4 and documentation


* Razvan, JHU
* Andreas, JHU
* Phil, Stanford
* Om, USC

Action items

* CTP+LPL experiment
* LPL API discussion
* TEP 4 review

Discussion Notes

Om: We need to "LPL-enable" all net2 protocols, or at least make sure that they do not break when LPL is used.

The current LPL interfaces are per-packet. This is a pain for network protocols. One potential idea is to put a shim on top of the current AMSender that set LPL and otherwise acts as a pass-through.

Experience with running net2 protocols with LPL.

Om: CTP does not seem to work very work over LPL. Need to address that.

Phil: Have you run any LPL tests on tutornet?

Om: we are getting 90%-95% reliability. However we are using a different root (sending every 30 sec). The current LPL setting is broken (1 sec receive interval). (ed. I think Om refered to LPL when he said 'their setting is broken')

Phil: Should run more tests at low-power.

Om: The reason why we get 90-95% with LPL instead of 100% is because queues overflow.

Om: It would be nice to have a coding standard everything is pass-through but sets LPL. Phil will do it.

Phil: One implementation would need to pass a parameter (length of preamble or RSSI sampling frequency). Problem is that multiple instances might have different intervals. A better solution would to have a central LowPowerControlC that has uniform value and also has receive parameters.

Om will send an email to devel. (ed. done and many emails have followed...)

Om: Dissemination works fine but don't know about DIP

Razvan: Test Deluge with LPL by next week.

Phil: 2.1 release is starting to approach. code freeze at the end of this month. Do fixes sooner rather than later.

Default settings: When one compiles MultihopLQI what would the duty-cycle be? It would be nice to have LPL-enabled versions of the test applications. For example: TestNetwork and TestNetwork.LPL.

Om: TEP4. Change the AM types. Razvan will also take a look at it.

Documentation for protocols.

Razvan quietly added documentation for Deluge.