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Meeting Notes


* Administrative updates
* CTP PULL bit


* Phil, Stanford
* Razvan, JHU
* Om, USC

Action items

* Om will send emails to tinyos-devel about charter and AM ID allocation
* Om will update the website with the new charter
* Phil will make a pass through the Collection TEP
* Phil will get in touch with Romain about TYMO problems

Discussion Notes


Om: Sent to David C. the updated net2 charter. No update.

Phil: I think we should assume that the charter has been approved.

Om: Will send an email with the updated charter and update the website.

Om: Sent an email to David about AM ID allocation as well.

Phil: No word, so lets just reserve.

Om: Will send an email about this as well.

Om: What is the status of Collection TEP?

Phil: Will process some of the comments and make a pass.

Om: Andre, the official maintainer of net2 ZigBee has left the project. I have been talking to Mario from IPP. Might trigger gargabe collection. Will keep you guys posted.

Om: Romain has written two nice documents describing TYMO. I think they should be put on the wiki as a tutorial. The problem is the current collection/dissemination tutorial is called "Networking tutorial".

Phil: We need to change their name to collection/dissemination tutorial.

Phil: We did some experiment with TYMO and turns out it has some problems. I will get in touch with Romain about this.


Om: The problem is the neighbor table gets decimated but the node does not send a pull bit. We are talking about the problem discussed with Bulut on tinyos-help and Phil and I have been trying to understand what is going on.

Phil: CTP is not designed for mobility.

Om: But this can, in theory, happen in static networks too.

Phil: True.

Om: So, we need a policy on when to set the PULL bit.

Phil: When do we do that now?

Om: Looking at the code, we do this only when we don't have a parent.

Phil: Maybe the thing to do is, when the link metric goes beyond 6 ETX, we should set the PULL bit.

Om: Will look in the code in more detail and send an email.

Om: Will also commit the recent changes that reduces the number of beacons.

Misc Notes

Razvan: Why do we have a separate Trickle implementation inside CtpRoutingEngine? I was expecting to see Trickle interface so it was confusing.

Razvan - Should we use default trickle?

Phil - What is your concern? People not understanding implementation? Code reuse?

Om - How about putting a comment that says why CTP uses its own version of Trickle.?

Om - Code duplication is the main concern?

Phil - We should definitely document our implementation of trickle. if the issue is software enginering, the answer right now is not clear.

Razvan - Why not pull it out

Phil - What is the benefit?

Razvan - Makes it easier to understand.

Phil - Lets revisit the software engineering concerns once we put the finishing touches on CTP.