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Net2WG/Notes/20080125 Meeting Notes


* Deluge


*  Rodrigo, Berkeley
*  Om, USC
*  Razvan, JHU
*  Kaisen, UCSD
*  Phil, Stanford

Action Items

* Om will examine new CTP trace and packet failure causes

Discussion Notes


Om: I ran a 37-hour experiment for CTP on tutornet. I haven't processed the data yet. This came from the last long experiment I ran, where we saw a 98% reliability because of a multi-hour severe dip in reliability. I'm still trying to figure out what caused this dip: at one point, a node had an 85% reliability. I think it was due to a subtree, which had only one path to the root, being disconnected.

Phil: It would be nice to see stack plots of the failure events on a per-node basis. Queue fulls, retransmit drops, duplicates, etc.


Razvan: I didn't have time to test micaz. TOSBoot modification works, but I don't know the rest.

Phil: This is not OK. You don't need exhaustive tests. But you do need a sanity check.

Razvan: I like small checkins. I don't have micazs.

Phil: Software engineering practice has shown this to be a bad idea. You should always test before a check in.


Om: OK, back to DIP.

Kaisen: I have a test script checked in. One script generates the test code: items and new items. Then you compile. When each node receives a new item, it blinks 0. When it receives all items, it turns on all LEDs. On each item reception, it sends a message to the UART.

Om: I'll test it on my desk.

Kaisen: OK, I'll test it on mirage.

Om: I've been talking to the TYMO author, and he's very interested in getting it in. Matus and 6lowpan are also gathering some steam.