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Present: Razvan, Om, Phil, Kyle, Mike, Rodrigo.

P: issues with Deluge, mailing list problems, just forwarded issues. Core discussions and privacy. Want to share with community, so doing technical discussions on -devel.

Rodrigo: outstanding tasks for 2.0.2?

O: deluge

P: tested CTP, it works; sanity tests for 2.0.2

O: tests?

P: TestDissemination app. Testing for changes to code that break everything.

O: white bit; see what MultihopLQI does -- which parent links. (Look at graph).

P: 98th pct. is 300, 95th is 400; all links perfect. What is "all packets parent/non-parent"

Rodrigo: what transmission power?

O: 8 If you set thresh at 300, would accept 65%. If we whitelist links at 300, then would discard 35% of links.

P: white bit doesn't mean discard links. White bit is for PHY to say this is a good link.

Rodrigo: white bit should say... (inaudible)

P: says that it's good, not that it's bad or on plateau

K: CC1000?

P: continuously sampling RSSI, can compute SNR from noise floor and RSSI during packet.

P: in B-MAC paper

Rodrigo: only when not receiving?

K: think yes

P: Looked at Kanan's plot of LQI vs PRR, picked point that looked good. If you have highly variable SNR, only sample packets that you receive. Each layer has information to do link estimation.

O: status?

P: implemented it for CC2420, O & R figure out routing layer / link estimation interaction.

P: cache replacement policy in the routing table for white-bit packets. Random replacement would converge to optimum set.

P: CC1000 with Kyle.

O: use of bit should be similar across-platform (agreement)

O: 6lopan. Talking with Matus; excited. What does everyone else think?

Rodrigo: how much is implemented?

O: good subset of standard; not so much routing.

Rodrigo: framing implemented. no routing?

O: very simple routing; framing is the main part.

P: 6lopan thinking about starting WG on routing problem; only gives header, no routing functionality.

Rodrigo: same functionality as AM?

O: yes

P: TEP 125; flag for TinyOS or 6lopan. 6lopan doesn't have AM types.

Razvan: other platforms for 6lopan?

P: SunSpots, arch rock, others.

O: one more thing: test applications: ping (from linux workstation), telnet server and client. Had gateway to convert compressed ipv6 header to mote network, expand to full header at workstation.