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Net2WG/Notes/20070601 Meeting Notes


* Deluge
* Other projects (Zigbee, DYMO, 6lowpan)


* Om, USC
* Phil, Stanford
* Mike, JHU
* Razvan, JHU

Meeting started at 12:10 and ended at 12:35 PM

Discussion Notes


Om : I had some compile problem with Deluge related to storage. I was trying to follow the steps mentioned on the Deluge manual. I did not know I had to "install" the tools first because I have never used storage in T2.

Mike : MicaZ support for Deluge will be checked in today.

Phil : You can send an email to devel and net2 lists asking people to try out Deluge. You can mention that we are planning to include Deluge in TinyOS 2.02.

Phil : Jung-Il Choi at Stanford is working on several performance enhancements for Deluge: 1. Respond to request with high RSSI, 2. Pkt ack for request, 3. No advertisement while sending data, and 3. Pkt cancellation if pending pkts for previous state. It might be good for Raz and Mike to get in touch with him. This enhanced Deluge protocol resulted in 10% decrease in dissemination time, 25% decrease in pkts.

Mike : Will talk to him and understand better before deciding to incorporate those enhancements.

Other projects

Om: Kaisen said he can support the code for a year. Will send his application to net2 members shortly.

Om : 6lowpan. I read the M.Sc. thesis which explains the standard and the implementation. Sometime around mid-July, Matus will know if he can support the code for a year.

Phil : Lets talk to David. They should be thrilled that someone is implementing an open version for 6lowpan stack. Most likely Archrock will not be interested at this point.

Om : 6lowpan has been a standard yet?

Phil : Yes.

Om : Will ping Andre about Zigbee. He said he would be available starting early June.

Om : Maybe Zigbee/6lowpan folks can collaborate on 802.15.4 MAC

Phil : Yes, although 6lowpan does not require MAC functionality.

Phil : Breadth is good, but our real focus should be the three core protocols - ctp, dissemination, deluge. We should try to provide the best possible implementations of these three protocols.

Raz : Will also try to run CTP next week.