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The MTS400/MTS420 sensor boards generally fit the MICA family of motes. The MTS400 series boards do not have the GPS module installed. The MTS420CA and MTS420CB series boards use a GPS module from Leadtek while the MTS420CC series boards use a module from uBlox. The uBlox module specifications give better accuracy at lower current consumption as compared to the Leadtek module.

Currently this documentation only references experience with the MTS420CA sensor board on the MICAz mote.

Available Sensors

  • Humidity and Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure and Temperature
  • Light Sensor
  • 2-Axis Accelerometer
  • GPS (MTS420 only)

Related Documentation

  • MTS420 Progress - Details related to the development of the MTS420 Sensorboard drivers including current progress, implementation details, work to be done and limitations.