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The CC2420 is a true single-chip 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver designed for low-power and low-voltage wireless applications. CC2420 includes a digital direct sequence spread spectrum baseband modem providing a spreading gain of 9 dB and an effective data rate of 250 kbps.

CC2420 Documentation

This area is a living document of the CC2420 low power communications radio stack found in TinyOS 2.x. Radio stack layers and implementation details of the CC2420 stack are discussed. Readers will be better informed about existing features, possible improvements, and limitations of the CC2420 radio stack. Furthermore, lessons learned from the construction of the stack can help guide development of future radio stacks.

We encourage anyone who uses or contributes to the TinyOS CC2420 stack to help maintain this documentation for others. If you see something that is missing, can be made clearer, or needs more accuracy, please help us by making the changes you see fit.




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