Boomerang Tmote Invent Troubleshooting

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Tmote Invent can sometimes get stuck in a programming state over USB. This document describes how to resolve the programming error. If the error is the following:

Mass Erase...

An error occoured:
make: *** [program_bl] Error 1

Apply the procedure below to restore the Tmote Invent to working condition:

  1. Open the Tmote Invent case. You can do this by pressing on the sides and it should pop apart. Be careful not to dislodge the speaker.
  2. Remove the blue PCBs and rechargeable battery combination
  3. Remove the battery charger board (the bottom board) from the main Tmote Sky module
  4. Press and hold BOTH the user and reset buttons on Tmote Sky FOR AT LEAST 5 SECONDS when disconnected from the battery board.
  5. Reconnect the battery board
  6. Reinsert into Tmote Invent casing
  7. Close Tmote Invent casing by snapping the two halves together.