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BLIP 2.0 is a reimplementation of IPv6 in TinyOS, and includes the building blocks which other projects like TinyRPL and CoAP have built on top of. blip-2.0 includes support for a stack built on top of:

  • draft-6lowpan-hc-06 for IPv6 header compression
  • draft-roll-rpl-17 for IPv6 routing
  • RFC 1661-complient ppp daemon for communicating with external networks
    • from Peter Bigot and the peoplepower osian stack
    • merged in from the osian-squashed-ppp branch
  • dhcpv6 for address assignment
  • several other utilities for building networked applications

It represents a significant advance in many ways as it supports emerging standards and has been shown to interoperate with the corresponding Contiki implementations. Combined with an application protocol like the one provided by CoAP, TinyOS now contains the building blocks for building applications using standard protocols except for the link layer.

Getting Started

The first step towards running a network using blip-2.0 is to follow the Blip 2.0 Tutorial to compile and install sample applications. Once you have done this, you'll be able to ping6 a network of motes running TinyOS/blip.

Further Reading

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