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Last modified: September 10, 2010


Anis Koubaa <aska at isep dot ipp dot pt >


The goals of the TinyOS ZigBee Working Group are:

  • Implement and maintain a standard-compliant implementation of the ZigBee 2007-specification,
  • Build the ZigBee stack upon the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol stack developed by the TinyOS 802.15.4 WG
  • Provide enhancements/variants/add-ons to the ZigBee standard protocol in terms of of QoS, synchronization services, security, low-power routing, etc.

Mailing Lists

Internal Working Group Discussion: tinyos-zigbee-wg at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu. This list is open only to wg members but the list archives are publicly accessible.

Public Discussion/Comment: tinyos-devel at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu

Relevant TinyOS Enhancement Proposals (TEPs)

Additional Materials

Additional WG materials can be found on an external wiki page.