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Last modified: September 10, 2010


John Regehr <regehr at cs.utah.edu>


The goal of the tools WG is to make it easier to develop sensornet applications through software tools. Specifically, the WG will facilitate and perform technology transfer between the software tool research community and the TinyOS developer community. The WG's scope encompasses tools that add value to the existing TinyOS toolchain, such as GUI-type tools for designing, analyzing, modeling, and debugging configurations; model-checking-type tools for finding and preventing bugs; and, compiler-type tools for measuring or improving resource usage. The charter of this group explicitly excludes TOSSIM and other simulators, and also does not include value-added software components such as TinySec and Deluge, that are not tools.

Mailing Lists

Internal Working Group Discussion: tinyos-tools-wg at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu. This list is open only to wg members but the list archives are publicly accessible.

Public Discussion/Comment: tinyos-devel at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu

Relevant TinyOS Enhancement Proposals (TEPs)

Additional Materials

Additional materials can be found on an external wiki page.