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Last modified: September 10, 2010


Philip Levis <pal at cs.stanford.edu>

Mailing Lists

Internal Working Group Discussion: tinyos-2.0wg at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu. This list is open only to wg members but the list archives are publicly accessible.

Public Discussion/Comment: tinyos-devel at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu


The TinyOS 2.0 Core Working Group (core) decides what abstractions, services, and interfaces are in the TinyOS 2.0 core system, developing reference implementations when needed. While the core WG focuses on the hardware independent interfaces to hardware-specific abstractions (the basic OS services), it sometimes also addresses basic abstractions that many systems might use, such as data structures. The Core WG is responsible for maintaining platform-specific TinyOS code.

Relevant TinyOS Enhancement Proposals (TEPs)

TEP Title Type Status
TEP 1 TEP Format BCP Final
TEP 2 Hardware Abstraction BCP Final
TEP 3 Coding Convention BCP Draft
TEP 101 Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) Doc Final
TEP 102 Timers Doc Final
TEP 103 Non-volatile Storage Doc Final
TEP 106 Tasks and Schedulers Doc Final
TEP 107 Boot Sequence Doc Final
TEP 108 Resource Arbitration Doc Final
TEP 109 Sensorboards Doc Final
TEP 111 message_t Doc Final
TEP 112 Power Management Doc Final
TEP 113 Serial Communication Doc Final
TEP 114 SIDs: Source and Sink Independent Drivers Doc Final
TEP 115 Power Management of Non-Virtualized Devices Doc Final
TEP 116 Packet Protocols Doc Final
TEP 117 Low-level I/O Doc Final
TEP 122 IEEE EUI-64 Unique Node Identifier Doc Draft
TEP 125 802.15.4 Frames Doc Draft
TEP 126 CC2420 Radio Stack Doc Draft
TEP 127 Packet Link Layer Doc Draft
TEP 132 Packet Timestamping Doc Draft
TEP 133 Packet-level Time Synchronization Doc Draft
TEP 134 The TOSThreads Thread Library Doc Draft

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes can be found on an older WG page; they will be transferred to docs.tinyos.net soon.