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Net2 Meeting Notes for 10/15/2010


* 6lowpan/RPL status


* Steve, UCB
* JeongGil, JHU
* Om, Stanford

Discussion Notes


Steve: The new blip is in a working state. The PC-side software need some work.

JeongGil: Will start cleaning things up in two weeks.

Steve: Will port the PC-side software from the old blip to the code base in the next couple months.


Om: MRHOF adopted as a ROLL WG document. The document talks about how to find minimum rank routes and apply hysteresis to path selection.

Om: How does the current RPL implementation compute the routes?

JeongGil: It finds routes with small path ETX.

Om: In that case, the implementation already uses something like MRHOF.

JeongGil: Correct, we are doing something similar. Lets look at the document and the code in little more detail to see if the code does what MRHOF draft suggests.