CC1100/CC2500 Features

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Currently Implemented

Initialization Branch

  • Automatic Power-on Reset Behavior
  • Proper SplitControl architecture, compliant with TEP 115
  • Burst register initialization
  • Preprocessor choice of default channel, frequency, etc.
  • BlazeCommit: change behavior and operations of the radio at runtime

Transmit Branch

  • Asynchronous Transmit with Clear Channel Assessments
  • Transmissions with long preambles for Wake-on Radio / BMAC low power communications
  • Reliable acknowledgment transmissions in congested networks
  • 62 byte packet maximum
  • 500 kbps. Requires fast SPI bus access (use DMA on the MSP430)
  • Automatic CSMA/CA, with hooks to control the use of CCA and backoff values
  • UniqueSend/UniqueReceive duplicate packet filtering
  • PacketLink automatic packet retransmissions

Receive Branch

  • Asynchronous receptions of packets
  • Acknowledgments on request, and the ability to disable acknowledgments altogether.
  • Ability to enable/disable filtering based on address, group (PAN), etc.
  • Double acknowledgments for fewer dropped ack's.
  • Custom acknowledgment frames that fix the notorious 802.15.4 acknowledgment problems.

Low Power Communication Plug-in Personalities

  • Always On
  • Wake-on Radio (needs further testing)
  • XMAC
  • BMAC
  • BoX-MAC-1 (reliable, but needs further testing)
  • BoX-MAC-2 (reliable, but needs further testing)
  • Static periodic timer implementations for all asynchronous low power communications strategies to directly interface with synchronous implementations that keep track of neighbor's receive check times.