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* Initial release
* Initial release

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Boomerang 2.0.4

Released on 09 Aug 2006


  • Motelist compatibility updates for automated scripts
    • Do not force port names to lowercase
    • Remove potential garbage characters from port names in compact listing (-c option)


  • Install Graphviz, required to compile TinyOS NesDoc documentation

Boomerang 2.0.3

Released 07 Aug 2006


  • Added sample Count applications in apps/Count/
  • Oscilloscope applications now include Deluge
  • RemoteControl application for Tmote Invent
  • Ditto rewritten to use Spram dissemination library
  • Fix: TOSBase type mismatches (uint8_t to bool, TinyOS bug #1356393)

Core System

  • Clock: Added periodic resource arbitrated recalibration of the DCO (system clock)
  • Clock: Add processor flags for setting the DCO using ROSC to 4MHz and 8MHz (MSP430_USE_ROSC)
  • Alarms: Now conform to TinyOS 2.x / TEP 102 interface
  • Alarms: Fix: Bug in VirtualizeAlarm caused late alarms to catastrophically impact other virtual alarms
  • Timers: Fix: Correct bit-shifts in Timer logic (TinyOS bug #1363649)
  • Timers: Fix: MSP430TimerControl was taking 1 bit to set a 2 bit field. Changed to accept a "capture_mode"
  • Timers: Fix: Bug in VirtualizeTimer caused late alarms to catastrophically fail and not fire again for a long period of time
  • CC2420: Updated CC2420 radio code to reflect Chipcon datasheet v1.3 fixes
  • CC2420: Counter bug only returned 16-bit value; fixed to return 32-bit values for timestamping
  • CC2420: Only ack packets destined for our local AM group ID
  • DMA: Fix: Only burst-block transfers may be stopped using DMAEN (Section 8.2.4 of MSP430 User's Guide)
  • USART1: ResourceConfig did not support Arbiter. Added Arbiter to provided interfaces.
  • Initialization: Overhauled pin definitions to reliably set pin direction and function (hardware.h)
  • Interrupts: Add makeInput() to MSP430Interrupt
  • Interrupts: Constants MNIIFG, OFIFG, ACCVIFG are bitmasks not bit positions (TinyOS bug #1371869)

Low Power

  • Bug fix for low power operation (maintain 6uA in sleep mode)
  • Bug fix for __nesc_atomic_sleep() to correctly choose low power mode
  • Bug fix for FCC-certfied boards with Rosc (pin-direction issue)
  • Reference counters for the radio and scheduler to estimate energy used (see PowerMonitorC)

NetSync / Multihop / SP

  • NetSync: Fix: Nodes with id != 0 running Trawler correctly become base station
  • Multihop: Fix: Initial parent selection did not pick best parent
  • SP: Make accesses to ObjectPool safe
  • CC2420SyncSane introduced with sanity checking to prevent the radio stack from getting stuck
  • CC2420SyncMojo deprecated -- CC2420SyncSane now used under SP for low power operation


  • Dispatcher no longer prints warnings for unknown message types unless DEBUG flag is set
  • Added a button for resetting no locations and graph layout
  • Fix: Eliminate memory leaks causing Java heap to overflow
  • Fix: Catch illegal concurrent modification
  • Fix: Clear sensor channels on reset, remove nodes and edges


  • Remove various debugging output
  • "includes" changed to "#include"
  • Updated documentation, package system, application semantics

Installer / Tools

  • Install "dot" application/library for nesdoc
  • Install msp430-gcc 3.2.3 with bugfix for nesc 1.2.7
  • New motelist that works with VCP and D2XX drivers, new moteio library, new tmote-bsl
  • Convert new msp430-libc preprocessor definitions to old msp430-libc format for backwards compatibility (msp430headerconversion.h)
  • Upgrade to Binutils 2.17
  • Use mspgcc cvs as of 1 Aug 2006, which applies to gcc and libc

Boomerang 2.0.2

Released 10 Mar 2006

  • TOSBoot for Tmote Sky and Tmote Invent updated to prevent unwanted reprorgamming back to Golden Image when reset.

Boomerang 2.0.1

Released 02 Mar 2006

  • Initial release