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  • This module requires read rights.
  • This module requires write rights.
  • This module only accepts POST requests.
  • Source: MediaWiki
  • License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Change a user's group membership.


User name.

Type: user name

User ID.

Type: integer

Add the user to these groups, or if they are already a member, update the expiry of their membership in that group.

Values (separate with | or alternative): bot, sysop, bureaucrat

Expiry timestamps. May be relative (e.g. 5 months or 2 weeks) or absolute (e.g. 2014-09-18T12:34:56Z). If only one timestamp is set, it will be used for all groups passed to the add parameter. Use infinite, indefinite, infinity, or never for a never-expiring user group.

Separate values with | or alternative. Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for bots).
Default: infinite

Remove the user from these groups.

Values (separate with | or alternative): bot, sysop, bureaucrat

Reason for the change.

Default: (empty)

A "userrights" token retrieved from action=query&meta=tokens

For compatibility, the token used in the web UI is also accepted.

This parameter is required.

Change tags to apply to the entry in the user rights log.

Values (separate with | or alternative):
Add user FooBot to group bot, and remove from groups sysop and bureaucrat.
api.php?action=userrights&user=FooBot&add=bot&remove=sysop|bureaucrat&token=123ABC [open in sandbox]
Add the user with ID 123 to group bot, and remove from groups sysop and bureaucrat.
api.php?action=userrights&userid=123&add=bot&remove=sysop|bureaucrat&token=123ABC [open in sandbox]
Add user SometimeSysop to group sysop for 1 month.
api.php?action=userrights&user=SometimeSysop&add=sysop&expiry=1%20month&token=123ABC [open in sandbox]